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REDone Mobile was established in 2008 as part of the REDtone Group, the pioneer and market leader in cost-saving telecommunications services. We provide postpaid mobile services as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) using Celcom Axiata’s mobile infrastructure.
We re-launched ourselves with new management in 2012 and are currently growing at a remarkable rate. Our philosophy and all our services are designed around delivering what customers truly need, in the most simple and practical manner possible.
redONE philosophy
redONE's best deal
Wherever we can, we offer free calls or flat rates, and strive to be completely transparent. No complicated bundles or packages you don’t really want or need…. just peace of mind that you’re getting the best deal.

So go Back to Basics. Start saving with a redONE now!

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Universal CUG

Your ‘Closed User Group’ or network for free calls is not limited to only your company’s employees, or to just one or two other companies. We give you free calls to ALL companies and ALL users who are redONE users.

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Lowest Monthly Commitment

At RM8 a month, we offer the lowest postpaid commitment plan in the market, with no hidden charges or qualifying requirements. We even allow you to share this monthly commitment across all your users.

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Simple, flat rates

Starting from 10 sen a minute, we charge the same with no peak / off-peak periods, or the need to spend a certain amount to qualify for a lower tariff. With us, what you see is what you get.

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Fair Data charges

We understand that many people use tablets and smartphones these days, but they currently pay exorbitant rates for casual data usage. For subscribers to our main plans, our data rates are 100 times cheaper than our major competitors.

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Simple and low Premium IDD

Business is now global, and keeping in touch with overseas partners is more critical. We offer flat rates to the 10 most popular IDD destinations, with no confusing rate tables, poor quality VoIP links, or inconvenient prefixes.

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Blacklisted users accepted

Unable to sign up to a postpaid plan due to your name being on the telco blacklist? Tired of paying high prepaid rates and having to reload every week? REDtone Mobile welcomes you into our cost-saving community.

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No long contract periods

We don’t tie you down for 2 years and impose high penalties. We just give you low rates with very few strings attached. Even if we have a phone bundle promotion we stick to these principles.

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Spending control

With flexible credit limits, you can decide how much each staff or family member can spend every month, starting from RM50, and get their itemised bills sent to your email address.

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